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What is the Hospital School?

The Hospital School is one of the schools in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School 

(CHCCS) system and is located within the UNC Hospitals complex. Founded in 1965, 

the school has grown from a staff o two serving approximately fifty patients to a staff of 

sixteen serving over 2000 students annually. Funding for staff, facilities, and materials is 

provided by CHCCS, UNC Hospitals and the NC Department of Public 

Instruction.Private support for the school is also provided by the Addie Armfield 

Education Endowment Fund, established with the Medical Foundation of NC, Inc.

Why is it needed?

The school provides year-round educational services to school age children and 

adolescents whether they are in public or private schools or home schools, while they are patients so they will be able to continue their studies with as 

little interruption as possible. In a medical setting, school activities can also provide a 

degree of normalcy and offer distraction from pain or anxiety.

Is there a cost to attend?

The Hospital School is funded by the tax payers of North Carolina just like any other public school so there are no charges associated with our services.

Where is the school located?

There are two separate locations for the school within the UNC Hospitals complex. The 

pediatric component of the school is located on the 7th floor of the Children's Hospital 

and the psychiatric component is located on the 2nd floor of the Neurosciences 

Hospital. At both locations there are classrooms, offices, and a media center or 

computer lab. There is also a classroom in the Cancer Hospital pediatric clinic. Refer the map for directions.

UNC Hospitals, UNC Health Care

How does the school work?

Although there are classrooms and physical space designated as "school" where 

students can "go to school", school often goes to them. When needed, teachers work 

with students at bedside or on the patients' units where they are being treated.

How is the school staffed?

The school staff consists of a principal, 12 classroom teachers, a resource coordinator, 

a diagnostician, a media specialist, and a school secretary. All faculty members are 

state certified and most hold advanced degrees. Employment is through the Chapel Hill 

Carrboro City Schools.

How do I visit the school?

The Hospital School has two locations, one in the Neurosciences Building and one in 

Women's Hospital. Visitors to the UNC Hospital School should call ahead, (984) 974-9497, 

make arrangements with the principal, Nancy Yoder, or the Administrative Assistant, Angela Romatzick.